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Mir- X Vitamins Remedy

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Mir- X Vitamins Remedy

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Vitamin is an organic compound present in food and essential for normal nutrition. Vitamins are must for the growth and development of the body. Most vitamins cannot be made by the body; we have to take it from food and supplements. There are two types of vitamins namely water soluble (B and C) and fat soluble (A, D, E and K).
Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms: Deficiencies occur when there is a lack of any vitamin. It is a slow process. Tiredness, breathing problem, dizziness, pale or yellowish skin, irregular heartbeats, numbness, weakness in muscle etc. are signs and symptoms of vitamin deficiency anemia.
Benefits – There are no side effects of our ayurvedic product since, we use 100% organic ingredients which comes directly from the nature.
Precautions – The container should be tightly closed after every use. It should be kept in a cool and dark place. Pregnant women should not use it. It should be consumed under medical supervision.
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#Miric Biotech Limited #Ayurvedic Healthcare Products

#Miric Biotech Limited #Ayurvedic Healthcare Products
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