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Network Marketers Traffic Generation Techniques

June 17, 2020 Articles

Article Marketing

Article Marketing is a good way to drive traffic to websites or affiliate links. This can easily be done with the use of Article Directories. Most of these directories are free to join. This allows you to create free content that will be indexed to Google or other search engines. It is important to always include your affiliate link or link to your website in it. Other ways are, a free ebook or report to gather leads or even build a list.


Using forums is a great way to advertise. There are literally hundreds of advertising forums out there. You can create your promotional signature to point to your website. It is important that you actually have something to add to the forum chats. You should have interesting points to make, no spam! Networking with other marketers and creating discussions can prove to be helpful. Staying active on these forums can give you a certain amount of juice and branding. Trying out ads in your signature is a good way to test these ads out.

Social Networking Sites

Joining social networking sites is a good way to build a personal network. The ease of meeting people through these sites are very helpful for branding. These sites make it easy for you to find people in the same industry or niche you are marketing.

Traffic Exchanges

There are many traffic exchanges online. To have a certain amount of success with traffic exchanges, you must know what you’re doing. You are basically advertising to other marketers, who are into the same markets you are in. Of course that is the up side, peak someone’s interest into your business opportunity. However, because of this you must be creative in your marketing.

Classified Ads

Online Classified Ads are also a good way to advertise. Some of these are free and some are not. Many people browse these classifieds, if your marketing is on point you can drive extra traffic this way.


Lets face it, free stuff attracts people. Contest or giveaways can be a good traffic generator. Depending on what you are giving away, this can draw lots of people interested into your niche. This little gem has been used by many marketers to build list. Just understand, you must give something of value or at least have it price at an irresistibly low price. This helps you gather leads in your niche, more sales!

Using these tips can generate good quality traffic for your business opportunity. If you just try one and become good at it, sometimes this will help you find more and new creative ways to get more leads.

Source by Miles Simmons