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Generate Affiliate Revenue Through Free Classifieds

April 17, 2020 Articles

Affiliate marketers can use classified websites to improve their earnings. A well written classified ad can turn a reader into a buyer without spending money unlike other advertising tricks. Most of the classified websites have huge traffic, so affiliate marketers can easily earn by posting simple ads with good description. These websites allow you to add an affiliate link as well.

Popular classified websites allow affiliate links for a small charge which is much less when compared to other type of ads. Identifying the audience needs of the particular locality and joining affiliate programs that cater the needs is the first task of any affiliate marketer.

A well described and well presented ad can generate more sales and obviously result in big affiliate commissions. HTML tags, images, hyperlinks and anchor text are usually allowed in most of the free classified websites. Big classified companies include these kinds of features in the form of top ads or premium ads. Marketers can make use of this by paying a weekly or monthly fee to put up their ad right on top of other ads in that particular category. This kind of advertising works wonders as they get most of the clicks and hence their service or link getting the most exposure.

Home page gallery ads result in getting you more number of leads and also big commission checks. Marketers can check the rankings and the amount of traffic these classified websites possess through ‘’ to find whether it is worth paying for the top/premium or home page ads.

Source by Preethi Sriram