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FREE Network Marketing Leads - 2 Methods to Generate MLM Business Leads Immediately!

May 15, 2020 Articles

When someone joins a network marketing business the first thing that they experience is incredible excitement. They have been sold on an amazing company, amazing products, and a very generous compensation plan. Combined with the excitement of starting a new business, now is the time to start marketing your new business, and fast. The key to any online business and an offline one is the amount of leads coming in and the amount of leads that are actually being converted to actual sales. No consistent leads means no consistent cash flow.

Over 40,000 people all across the world join a home business every single day. Unfortunately, 95% of those same people will fail as well. It’s an alarming and sad statistic, but true nonetheless. Failure in any home business can always be attributed to 1 of 2 things. Lack of leads and a lack of cash flow. In this economy, people are scrambling for free methods to drive traffic to their website. Most people who start a home business are on a definite budget. Here are the 2 Top FREE methods to create your FREE Network Marketing Leads every day, like clock work. As soon as you can generate between 5-10 new leads to follow up with every single day, the chances of you having a booming business is likely. You can do it!

Here are my Top 2 Strategies for FREE NETWORK MARKETING LEADS-


Not to overwhelm you but there are literally thousands of free online ad sources you can market your products and services too. Only pick the most trafficked ones though. Craigslist, Backpage, eBay Classifieds, Yahoo Ads, and US Free Ads just to name a few. Pick your favorite 10 sites and POST IN THEM DAILY. That is the key. Stay focused and be consistent. You can’t fail with some focus and a decent plan of attack


The best thing I like in Forum marketing is it is very targeted marketing. There are MLM, stay-at-home, unemployed forums to be specific. Figure out who you are trying to market to and join those forums. Again, pick your 10 favorite forums and be consistent. Just don’t be too spammy, build a presence first and have a 3 to 1 marketing ratio. For every 3 posts you do leave a direct URL to only 1. This will give you credibility very quickly as someone who is not just pushing stuff on people. Your forum posts should be helpful and unique. Ask yourself before posting, “What would I want to here” and you will do great.

These 2 strategies when done respectfully and consistently will bring in at least 5-10 new network marketing leads every day. Remember the key to business leads is Exposure and Follow up, that’s it. Become great at that and you will be an online rockstar very quickly.

Source by Lance Warr