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A Short Introduction to Kijiji

June 11, 2020 Articles

Kijiji (kee-gee-gee) is a Swahili term for village which is adopted as a network of online classified ads website for various online communities. Kijiji is an eBay-owned company that was established in March of 2005 which allows you to post your own advertisements such as buying and selling, service offerings, job opportunities, community activities and personal interests.

The site is already serving different countries such as Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the United States. In the United States, however, users are already using the new Kijiji which is eBay Classifieds.

The intention of the site is to give the people a means to offer goods or services among their neighbors within the community. In other words, it has made it possible for people to connect to buyers, sellers or providers within their own locality. This site is also beneficial to buyers since they no longer need to travel outside the community just to see and touch the merchandise before buying them. The site is organized into categories where users can choose depending on the merchandise or services that the users need.

The Kijiji site has a simple interface which makes it easy for buyers or job seekers to navigate. Once inside the site, users are permitted to choose the location which can be either a province or city where they lived in. The selection of location can be done using the dropdown menu. After they have selected the location, they can now click on the category where the goods or services they’re seeking belong to. However, for posters of advertisements, they need to choose on the “post ad” option first. The site will bring them to the page that contains all the categories where they can choose to post their ads. After choosing the category, they need to write a title, an attractive description of the product or services and images. The advertisers then need to write email address, phone numbers, street and zip code. Posting advertisements can be done for free; however, there are also ‘paid’ options for sellers who want to highlight, indicate a sense of urgency, or promote their ads further for better visibility.

The posting of advertisement will usually take approximately ten minutes to complete. Ads will usually take around 24 hours before they are posted on the website to allow the site administrators to check and prevent spam, fake or unacceptable ads. Advertisements should only be posted on the site that is nearest to the users’ location and in the most suitable category. Duplicate advertisements, even if posted in different categories, are not allowed and are removed by site administrators.

Just like any other online classified advertisement, users should be cautious when transacting business with other users. It is important that buyer or seller should meet the person in crowded places such as in malls, food shops, etc. Buyers or sellers should never send money through services like PayPal, Money Gram, eBay Motors Purchase Protection Program or Bidpay. If the website member receives any suspicious emails or invites that come from other Kijiji members, they should be reported to the site’s administrator immediately.

Source by Zulfia Banchi